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Having to oversee a project yourself can be a headache and a minefield, especially if you have moved into a new area. Getting unfamiliar different trades in to follow one after each other on a project is not easy. It only takes one link in the chain to let you down and the project could take a lot longer.

At Home Comforts we will oversee your project from a first home visit, where you discuss your requirements with us, right through to installation and completions, offering advice along the way.

We have over thirty years experience working in the manufacturing and fitting of built in furniture, whether it's kitchens, bedrooms, studies or cabinet work for the living space. We will organise and manage trusted trades for you if needed, such as electricians, carpet fitters, decorators and plastering if needed. These are trusted local trades which we have been using for many years.

Your project will only be started when all trades are available and booked in so the project can run smoothly without intermittent stoppages. We are also open to giving advice and recommendations on any additional work associated with your project if we feel it would be beneficial to your project.